Analyse and explore data. Wherever it is stored. Unlock the data in your application, website or warehouse.

Our Main Features

Web Based Analysis

Create and analyse data models from your browser. Ask any question of your data.

Easily Embeddable

Unlock the data in your application or website. Seamless integration of analytics.

Big Data Connectivity

Explore data in MongoDB, Spark and more, directly from your browser.

Explore Data Anywhere

Use Saiku over almost any data source, build user friendly data models with the new Schema designer.

Dynamic Visualisations

Bring data to life using the built in charting engine or add your own visualisations.

3 ways to deploy Saiku in an instant

Deploy a single Saiku Analytics unit or a full business intelligence stack in one command with Juju.
juju deploy cs:~spicule/trusty/saikuanalytics-enterprise

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Use our Graphical or Console installer to install Saiku on your server.
java -jar saiku-installer.jar

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Create a docker container in a single command to spin up Saiku in your data centre.
docker pull buggtb/saikueeofficial

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