Analyse and explore data. Wherever it is stored. Unlock the data in your application, website or warehouse.

Data Simplified

Unlocking the power of data through analysis and exploration.

Saiku analytics allows the entire organisation to unlock the data held in any application or data store. Undertake complex, powerful analysis using an easy to use, drag and drop interface, via the browser, to answer ad hoc queries without involving IT. Analyse data from virtually anywhere, deploy it to everyone without the costs associated with other Enterprise Business Intelligence tools. Saiku provides a fast, consistent, secure view of data across systems, so everyone sees the same numbers. Simply drag in the information required from a list of business terms, to create detailed reports or beautiful visualisations. Save and share findings or export to PDF and Excel.

Web Based Analysis
Explore data from the browser, no programming required or software to install. quickly and easily navigate vast and complex datasets to find the answers you need.
Analyse Data From Anywhere
Use Saiku over virtually any data source. Deploy Saiku quickly with the graphical, user friendly Schema Designer for designing data models. Create consistent and re-usable meta data
Easy To Embed
Add reporting and analysis to any application or website using Saiku. Deploy in the Cloud or on premise, Seamless integration with apps and websites with a consistent look and feel and consistent user experience.
Dynamic Visualisations
Bring data to life using the built in charting engine or add your own or third party interactive visualisations. Numerous chart types available out of the box to visualise, analyse and simplify the presentation complex data sets.
Big Data Connectivity
Explore data in MongoDB, Spark and more, directly from the browser. Uses Saiku caching to address performance and speed up analysis.
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Affordable analytics for all

Saiku Pricing

Saiku Enterprise delivers straightforward data analysis for everyone. Our cost effective pricing model supports every scenario from single users to entire enterprises. To take advantage of all the features of Saiku Enterprise every user requires a licence. All Enterprise users are treated equally and covered by a single license type. Annual subscription Licences are available to purchase online for immediate use. Payment can be made in US Dollars, Euros and GB Pounds or in your local currency. Please contact us to enquire about perpetual licencing and other payment options.

Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Saiku Pricing


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Why Choose Us

Some of our customers

Saiku is currently used in over 150 countries worldwide by hundreds of thousands of users every day. A wide range of the world’s largest organisations already trust Saiku to deliver valuable insight and data exploration. Why don’t you join them?



What Our Clients Say

Saiku is beautiful, fast and simple.

Arron Phillips

Engineering Manager

We found Saiku to be easier to understand and to integrate with our tools than the other products we were considering. We also liked the fact the it is open source.The learning curve was fast and results are delivered from the start.

With other solutions, sharing our data with the rest of our company would have cost over a hundred thousand dollars per year. With Saiku, we freely create dashboards and explore data in real-time with each other. It's become a very valuable resource.

Daniel Lewis


Easy to integrate into other applications, ease to use and reliable.

It just works, it is the fastest way to test our Mondrian based cubes. Everybody in our organisation is able to use it and everybody does. Lightweight self-service reporting in not a promise, it is a reality

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