Saiku 3.1.1 EE is released

So its been a while, and a lot of hard work, changing of minds and late nights, but Saiku 3.1.1 EE has been released.

This release has the usual tweaks and changes from our CE product, including fixes to the PDF export, performance improvements, enhanced webdav support, parameter population from the URL and more but it also has two large improvements over our last EE release.

Firstly we have much improved MongoDB support. More logic is pushed down to MongoDB to improve performance whilst still retaining the caching properties that make Mondrian lightning quick over repeated queries.

Mapping Mongo fields to table columns is carried out through our web interface and once you save the schema to Saiku you can then use it to connect to your data source.

Secondly, we have shipped a beta release of our Saiku Schema Designer, the only Mondrian 4 specific schema designer on the market. This is a first release and it is missing a few bits and pieces, but its very functional and allows users to quickly and easily create Mondrian 4 schema without knowing how to write code. We understand that the switch from Mondrian 3 to Mondrian 4 can be a bit of a headache as so much has changed, but we want to make life as easy as possible, so the Saiku Schema Designer allows you to create your schema without touching a text editor. Whats more is once you have designed your schema you can then export it to an XML file so you can manually inspect it or edit it further. This feature is beta so if you hit bugs please file a report.

Documentation is available at and we shall be rolling out some tutorial videos over the next few days so stay tuned.

Lastly what is great about combining these two new features is finally you can use Saiku end to end without using a text editor(unless you really want to). Mongo users can now create their mapping data source and a Mondrian schema all from within the user interface, which is a great step forward for the Saiku platform. We will be doing further releases over the next few months to improve our Mongo and Schema support still further and introduce our new Dashboard designer. But in the mean time, go grab a copy of Saiku 3.1.1 EE from the portal and take it for a spin!

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