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Saiku 3.6 Release & Saiku Quick Start Package

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  Saiku 3.6 Enterprise Release  

The latest Saiku Enterprise release is now available for download. This includes a new calculated member dialog which allows users to create and edit calculated fields within the user interface, the Pentaho plugin now has an audit log to allow you to see what your users are accessing within the Saiku platform. We have also made a number of smaller enhancements to the UI and the admin console to ease user management, and updated our LDAP support.

In the Saiku Dashboard module we have also added maps, so you can now visualise your data on a map from within a dashboard whilst displaying other charts and tables.

To give Saiku Enterprise a spin, download the latest installer from here, or grab a copy of the Pentaho plugin from the BI server marketplace.

Need Some Help?  

Whether you are just getting started on your data analysis project or coming to the end but need help getting your analytics "just right", let us help you. We provide Saiku implementation and integration consultancy and we can extend and add additional functionality to Saiku quickly and cost effectively. We work with customers globally, often remotely, to develop analytics, data warehousing, big data and data integration solutions.

For a limited period we are offering a Saiku Analytics Quick Start Package. From as little as £4000 we will provide you with a running Saiku Server or Pentaho BI Server installation, with sample cube, running over your own data. This includes a handover session to make sure you gain the maximum benefit from the solution and advice on where you should go next with your data analytics.

  Saiku Reporting and Sponsorship  

We have regular enquiries on the Saiku website about the Saiku Reporting product. Saiku Reporting allows users to develop "pixel perfect" report from within the browser. This technology complements Saiku Analytics well and we hope to ship it in Saiku 4 but it requires help from the community to get it to a stage where we are happy to integrate it into our platform and release it as an open source product.

You can help the project by sponsoring us, for more details take a look at our sponsorship page, or you can get in touch with us directly to discuss larger sponsorship amounts to help us get Saiku Reporting released.

  Saiku Community Edition Support  

We also offer support packages for Saiku Community Edition, if you would like excellent value product support and consulting services from the authors of the Saiku Analytics you can find out more on our website.

  Find out more  
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About Us are the founders of the Saiku Analytics BI Server project. We offer Saiku Analytics sales and services alongside traditional BI consultancy and support. Saiku Analytics can help you get the most from your data with the minimum of fuss. Standalone or embedded into your own application, Saiku offers easy to understand data analysis in a lightweight and flexible format.