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Saiku 3.7 CE & EE Released

You will all be glad to hear Saiku 3.7 has now been released. This is a bit of a maintenance release with a lot of refinements, minor improvements and tweaks to the platform.

Saiku Support

To keep Saiku running we require help and support from the community. If you are a user of Saiku please consider donating to the project or purchasing EE licenses. It takes a lot of time, effort and money, to design and build an analysis tool that makes life an awful lot easier for end users and we give a lot of it away for free. I think that a lot of the time people overlook Saiku because “it just works” but to make something that “just works” for you guys takes an awful lot of it, not working, on our end, and for us this is a full time job and we have to feed families and pay bills.

It’s very easy to sponsor the project and in doing so you ensure the continued development of Saiku, and believe be BI Server users, you don’t want to be using JPivot again, and we are an awful lot cheaper than Pentaho Analzyer! If you are a consultant and your clients use Saiku, ask them nicely if they would be interested in sponsoring Saiku, or upgrading. If you are a Pentaho Enterprise user, the money doesn’t trickle down, if you use Saiku on Pentaho Enterprise and a lot of you do, then, please, consider sponsoring Saiku as well.

It’s nearly the end of 2015, if you have any budget remaining, spend it on us!

New Features


For standalone server users we have tweaked the save and load dialogs so they will go back to wherever you were last in the directory tree, this may seem minor, but it is a welcome tweak for those of us who save a lot of queries and don’t want to navigate to our home directory every time.

There was also an issue caused by a Spring update that meant that if users had no role they were denied access to the platform. To offset this we now make ROLE_USER mandatory (this can be altered in the security configuration) which means your users should always be able to login. Saiku CE has seen a lot of community contributed improvements to its experimental XMLA support, this will be migrated across to EE once we are happy with its stability.

The Saiku XMLA server allows users to connect to Saiku data sources from Excel which gives power users the ability to perform analysis on the same data sets but from an Excel pivot table instead of the Saiku UI.

We’ve also tidied up some of the errors that were getting thrown in the logs, this were not an issue but did worry people who’s logs were being cluttered up with false error messages.

Pentaho Plugin

For those of you who use the BI server, there are some changes there too thanks to the guys at Stonegate we have updated the Open/Close dialog here to support Lazy Loading, the Pentaho repo lookup was sluggish and for those of you with massive repositories, unusable, so we have added lazy loading to the dialogs to speed up the rendering of the directory structure.

Also in the performance bracket, we have updated the data source lookup code to stop it re-initializing the data sources multiple times on login, this was slowing down the plugin and making load times much longer than required. It will still load the data sources once, but after that it will load them from cache which will make the performance much snappier.

We have also accepted a couple of contributions from the community and applied some of our own to the new audit code in the plugin which allows Saiku to make use of the BI server audit framework to let administrators track user actions in the BI server over time.

We have added support for the Pentaho BI Server 6, which means those of you who like to run bleeding edge, can.

On both platforms we have also added a lot more i18n tags to the UI which means that those of you who work in a non English browser can submit improved translations for Saiku to us and we can provide much improved internationalization support.

Anyway for those of you who use Saiku Server you can find it over on our website, and those of you who use the Pentaho BI server you will find it in the marketplace.

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