Saiku Analytics Explore. Understand. Act.

Saiku Analytics

Analyse you data using Saiku Analytics OLAP browser. Saiku combines highly flexible analytics with performant querying to allow users to view what matters to them, fast.

Saiku Reporting

Coming soon, Saiku Reporting will add to the Saiku platform allowing users to create pixel perfect reports directly from their web browser.

Meteorite Cloud

Meteorite Cloud is our cloud based business intelligence platform. We provide supported, flexible business intelligence stacks so you don't have to.

BI Consultancy

Need help with any aspect of your business intelligence platform, from data modelling, to warehousing to reporting, our consultancy team can help you get to your results quicker.

Who We Are was founded by Robin Lazenby and Tom Barber to offer an alternative to the run of the mill BI consultancy, offering primarily open source and alternative products, Meteorite BI quickly grew a loyal group of customers who appreciated the no nonsense and honest approach. Having expanded to now offer our own product, Saiku Analytics, Meteorite BI offers end to end implementations and integrations for both Saiku and our other supported products.