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Embed Saiku In Your Application or Portal

If you want to add analytical reports and dashboards to your application or portal, you need look no further than Saiku for Embedded Analytics. Use our server and create your own interface or use one of Saiku's embedded modes to add interactive reports.

Fully Documented REST API

You can easily find the data you require by using our documented API layer to interrogate your data. Communicate with the server using JSON or XML, and get lightning quick responses to your queries which you can display within your application. Our API allows you access to all aspects of the Saiku interface programatically, which means you don't loose any of the core Saiku functionality if you choose to embed Saiku data within your own application.

Javascript Embed Framework

If you are embedding Saiku into a web application, you don't have to use inflexible old IFrames. Use the Saiku Embed Framework to render your Saiku reports and dashboards physically within your webpage, no more incompatibilities or rendering issues. Our embed framework is well documented and simple to use, allowing developers simple way to extend their existing application. Saiku Embed Framework also allows users to pass parameters from their portal to the report being executed by Saiku which allows users to filter dynamically without having access to the full Saiku user interface.