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Visualise Big Data with Saiku Analytics

With more and more businesses investing in NoSQL and Big Data solutions the ability to visualise what is stored within them becomes more and more important. Saiku allows you to query your NoSQL data source without limitation, and utilising the power of Saiku’s inbuilt caching mechanism, you can offer users high performance visualisations even when querying larges amounts of data,

Saiku over Hadoop

To use Saiku over Hadoop you are required to use one of the SQL connectors available for the Hadoop ecosystem today. We support Cloudera Impala, Apache Phoenix, Apache Hive and the Apache Drill platform. Using Saiku over these SQL interfaces couldn’t be simpler and creating a schema using our new web based schema designer means you can get up and running with Saiku Analytics over your Hadoop platform in next to no time.

Of course with Saiku’s Hadoop support, you can use it to build full featured interactive dashboards which users can filter and interact with to drill through your cluster on the fly.

Analysing data in your MongoDB cluster with Saiku

With Saiku’s built in MongoDB connectivity you can now connect directly to your MongoDB cluster and start analyzing your data instantly. Just point your Saiku EE installation at your MongoDB cluster and create a schema over your databases and collections. Running Saiku over Mongo gives users instant insight into their data without the need for Data Warehouses and ETL tools to extract the data to more traditional reporting tools.

Reporting on data at scale

Using our Saiku Cache Manager, you can utilise the power of the cache that Saik provides to allow lightning quick reporting over huge datasets. Cache the resultsets ahead of schedule and when users access you reports the data will be stored in memory, ready and waiting for reporting. No more waiting for the database to respond, give you users what they expect.

Adding other NoSQL data sources

Our NoSQL backend is highly pluggable, if you have a requirement for a different data source that we don’t yet support or a source that has no SQL interface, get in contact, we can create SQL interfaces for most applications and processes that will allow you to run your analytics without compromise.