Dashboard in Saiku EE 3.2

For a long time people have asked us about the ability to display multiple reports within Saiku and create dashboards for users to consume their data. In Saiku EE 3.2 we have released our first version of the Saiku Dashboard Designer. This allows users to create dashboards using standard Saiku reports and publish them within the Saiku server for users to open and interact with.

Saiku Comes To The Cloud

Meteorite.bi has teamed up with Bigstep to offer Saiku in the Cloud. For those of you who don’t know Saiku, this is an OLAP platform designed for interactive analytics, data discovery and dashboarding. It is built using HTML and Javascript and is cool! For those of you who don’t know Bigstep, they run a platform called the Full Metal Cloud, which is a flexible cloud service but they supply bare metal machines instead of virtual machines, which is great for high performance data intensive applications.

Meteorite BI to preview latest version of Saiku Enterprise analytics tool at Pentaho Day in Brasil

Saiku Enterprise 3.2 adds dashboard functionality, schema designer, and big data connectivity
13 May 2015, London, UK - Meteorite BI today announces that it will be previewing Saiku Enterprise 3.2 at the Pentaho Day conference in Brasil on 15 and 16 May 2015. The latest release of Saiku Enterprise adds much anticipated dashboard functionality in addition to the recently released schema designer and big data connectivity.

Saiku Brasil

No Brasil nossa ferramenta vem se consolidando através da adesão de empresas e usuários que querem trabalhar com Saiku. Nosso objetivo é aumentar ainda mais os contatos com todos que trabalham com Saiku e participar mais ativamente das comunidades brasileiras de BI e Big Data.